Having been reserved for deep diving enthusiasts and military divers in the past Poseidon is now bringing Rebreathers to the sports diving market. With the fully automatic Mk VI Discovery you will experience a new way of diving, safe, quiet and almost as long as you want. The advanced control system takes care of the rest. It is like a modern car, electronics handle brakes, stabilizing systems and all other gizmos to make driving safer.

The innovative Mk VI Discovery is just like that. Using state of the art electronics and sensor technology it is designed to provide the sports diver with all the benefits of rebreathers without the current drawbacks. Safer diving with less risk of decompression sickness, no bubbles and quieter to allow you to experience the marine life up close and longer dives meaning never having to ascend before your buddies again.

Diving the Discovery is truly a unique experience. A new and different way of diving.

Nothing is smaller, lighter and more user friendly. But then nobody has ever built a rebreather for sports divers before. At 15 kg fully loaded the unit weighs even less then most scuba tanks. And weighing only 8 kg without tanks and canister it is the perfect scuba equipment for travelling. And convenience is important for a diver. As is user friendliness. The Discovery is fully automatic. Technology handles everything but the actual experience. That's were you come in…

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The mouthpiece to the Poseidon Discovery is unique. Not only because you can select between rebreather-mode, closed circuit, and open circuit by simply turning the lever but also because it's simplicity. Based on our proven XStream second stage we have used a regulator with an impressive track record for your safety and convenience. Used by many military and rescue divers all over the world and latest NASA's backup-divers.
A small LED and a vibrator to make the diver look at the display for messages of importance is built into the mouth-piece.

Our counterlungs are made of cordura.

The Discovery control system is unique. From the continues calibration of sensors enabling you to always trust the reading of all sensors to the resource management system that measure your gas consumption through the dive and guide you to ensure that the available gas always is enough to reach the surface. The vital electronics is covered in oil to ensure maximum protection. The control system measures everything from battery capacity to tank pressure, from oxygen level to atmospheric pressure and depth. And inject precise amounts of gas to keep the right mixture for every depth. Simplicity through technology.

The Discovery comes with two aluminium tanks, one for normal air and the other for pure oxygen, both 3 liters. They are both equipped with our Xstream regulators, probably the best first stages ever built. In each regulator we have a high pressure sensor built in. Just to make sure you never run low on gas without getting information about it.

The display serves a number of purposes. First and foremost to inform and especially in a warning situation when the corresponding problem will flash. But the display is also the communication connector with your PC and Internet for up- and down-loading. And it naturally comes with back-light and an ambient light sensor for your convenience.

Our canisters are pre-packed. No problem with uneven packing, tunnelling and all other problems associated with scrubber packing. They both come in sealed containers to ensure full performance when needed. Because our principle to avoid CO2 problems is simple. The canister always outlast the O2 tank. If you replace your canister when filling your O2 tank you will always be safe.

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