One of the most rewarding experiences in Puerto Vallarta in the Banderas Bay is to be face to face with nature. This experience becomes unique and exciting when you are in the atmosphere of the majestic Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), also known as Yubarta, jibarte or xibarte.

Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay is the winter sanctuary of these giant marine mammals, in this environment we can enjoy the observation of the most spectacular species of whale, which will captivate you with its impressive jumps, tale hits, playing with its beautiful cabs, and certainly you’ll be impacted listening the incredible songs of these wonderful cetaceans, don’t scare if you’ll stay hypnotized.

Vallarta Under Sea invites you to enjoy our perfect custom tour of whale watching and being part of this wonderful experience, you’ll traveled with guides specializing in the study of marine mammals, who will gives you to know the most important aspects of the biology, behavior and mating rituals, migration, feeding, breeding, and so on.

You can also hear the beautiful live songs of these whales with the hydrophone that we have aboard the boat to realize how magnificent it can be and you’ll realize why we are different than the others who offer similar tours without the highlights. This is one of the most mysterious sounds with which you’ll stay captivated, trust me is awesome.

Tour includes beverages, naturalist guide, boat riding and lot of fun.

Tour rates in American dollars:

Charter $75 per person.

Private $600 up to 8 people and $700 up to 12 px.

Tour available since December 8th until April 5th.

Departures from Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

Number of participants

Tours reservation.

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