Trips departure daily at 9 am from the dive shop in Marina Vallarta, meeting is 8:45 at the shop to provide gear and fill paper work.

Our daily schedule are to the follow destinations:

Monday, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays we visit Los Arcos National Park and other dive spot on the south like Majahuitas, Colomitos or Mismaloya.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays we visit Marietas Island National Park.

All our dive trips in Puerto Vallarta include:

  • Two tank dives.
  • All the SCUBA gear you need (mask, fins, wetsuit, regulator, BCD, etc.).
  • Box lunch (sandwiches and snaks) please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.
  • Soft drinks and bottled water.
  • Boat transportation.
  • Dive Master personalized attention with max 5:1 ratio.
  • Certified and beginners separate groups.
  • Max 10 pax per boat (we have 4 boats running every day), snorkelers are welcome. (Not reccommended for advanced sites)
  • Protected areas entrance fee.
  • We can also include Pick up one way boat transportation form Nuevo Vallarta area at the Paradise Village public pear with and extra u$5.00 each at 8:00 am. Available from Monday through Saturday.

Not included: Dock fee for $50 Mexican pesos which most be paid when check in.

Our rate for main destinations are only u$125.00 per certified diver.

Snorkelers are welcome and include the same for only u$79.00

Info about a Private dive day around Puerto Vallarta here (all included).

Other advanced sites are available, check out requirements and rates below.

For non divers we have the PADI Discover Scuba Program where they will learn to use the gear and how to comunicate underwater to enjoy 2 dives. We include all above and a pool training session with a PADI certification card in a package deal for only u$149 each. Available every day at 4:00 pm for pool training. Class most be taken at least one day prior the dive trip.

Get a special Promo using our facebook page to book here..


Nitrox available with just u$10.00 extra per tank.

A deposit of at least 50% will be required in order to hold your reservations.


* Cancellation more than a week in advance : 15% administration fee
* Cancellation between a week and 48 hours prior to departure date: 50% of the total amount plus administration fees that might be imposed.
* Cancellation less than 48 hours prior to departure date and time or no-show : 100% of the total amount 
* Tickets for Events or Attractions are non-refundable.
* Airport, Limousine or Coach - transfer services are non-refundable




Our main diving destinations descriptions are:

Custom-made dive trips following the adventure make your day a lot better, avoid crowds and enjoy a personalized VIP service on board of one of our custom 28 or 33 dive boats accessing to any point of diving around the Bay and now that Vallarta Undersea has available to plan your day in line with your skills and certification level.
Accompanied by a great crew Vallarta Undersea offers the best choice for this tour to share with family and friends, you’ll ride along the Pacific coast of Mexico and will have the opportunity to experience adventures that only few people have been able to live as it is seen face to face with amazing and unique species that live within the bay as are the majestic humpback whales, bottlenose dolphins, sea turtles, among other huge Manta rays.

Private dive day around Puerto Vallarta

Los Arcos

Excellent for all levels, from novice divers, to advanced. This national marine park consist of four rocks or islets, shallows and a deep sea canyon. The dives in this area can be enjoyed from 10 to 90 feet. The view from the wall into the canyon that exceeds 1500 feet of depth. This site is characterized by its great variety of fish, turtles and numerous other sea creatures. Located at a short 35 minute boat ride from Marina Vallarta.

Islas marietas (pequeño archipiélago).

Located near Punta Mita (North tip of the Bay), this archipelago consists of two large islands, shallow areas and a few rocklets. This Marine Protected Area (declared in 2005) and most recently Biosphere Reserva, houses over 90 different species of resident and migratory marine birds. Volcanic in origin, the barren islands show signs of erosion as multiple caves and caverns. The underwater diversity is one of the greatest within the Bay. Numerous species of mollusks, nudibranchs, sponges, echinoderms, gorgonians and sea fans, with significant hard coral coverage. The boat ride to this dive site is about 70 minutes.

It is a beautiful beach located in the South coast of Puerto Vallarta, accessible only by boat. Calm and mellow, perfect to practice SCUBA or snorkel. The dives can be as shallow or as deep as the divers wish. One of the most remarkable inhabitants of this dive site are the garden eels. The boat ride to this dive site is about 45 minutes.

Locatedabout 6 miles from old Vallarta, pasing Los Arcos. It is famous because the 1970s movie “The Night of the Iguana” was shot there. It is reachable both by land or sea. This area is frequented by schools of eagle rays. The boat ride to this dive site is about 35 minutes.

El Morro
A small rock located north of the bay. Is considered part of the protected area of Islas Marietas. Recommended only for experienced divers, this site might have currents and strong sea conditions, which also make it incredibly rich and diverse. The rock is densely covered by invertebrates such as gorgonians, sea fans, sponges and ascidians. Giant manta encounters are frequent here. The boat ride to this dive site is about 95 minutes.
Dive trip only u$149 and we require min 25 logged dives or advanced cert. We confirm the trip with a minimum of 4 divers.

Las viudas
This dive site is located very close to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. Even though it is a common ground for commercial fishing, the numbers of fish that can be observed is considerable. The great numbers and species of invertebrates that live in this area are very unique (some sponges and nudibranch molliusks). This is the only dive site with muddy-sand bottom. The boat ride to this dive site is about 50 minutes.

El Chimo

Chimo is a small fishing village located south of the bay. The above water views of the tropical rain forest are breathtaking. This area is better enjoyed by divers with some level of experience. The rock formations and corals are impressive. Giant mantas are often seen here. Huge schools of fish and healthy invertebrates coverage make this one of our favorite dive sites. The boat ride to this site is about 90 minutes.
Dive trip only u$149 and we require min 25 logged dives or advanced cert. We confirm the trip with a minimum of 4 divers.

El Malinal
A small sea mount located outside the bay on the Nayarit side. Seldom visited by divers, this site has large schools of fish. The land mark of this dive site is a tunnel that crosses the rock from side to side. The boat ride to this site is about 90 minutes.
Dive trip only u$149 and we require min 25 logged dives or advanced cert. We confirm the trip with a minimum of 4 divers.

La Corbeteña
A far from shore rock located northwest of Puerto Vallarta, this place is considered as one of the best sites for pelagic encounters and clear oceanic waters. This site is recommended only to divers with experience since it is far away and can have challenging currents. The boat ride to this site is about 2:15 hours.
Dive trip only u$189 and we require min 25 logged dives or advanced cert. We confirm the trip with a minimum of 4 divers.

Whale watching tour (Since Dec through March)

One of the most rewarding experiences in Puerto Vallarta in the Banderas Bay is to be face to face with nature. This experience becomes unique and exciting when you are in the vicinity of the majestic Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae), also known as Yubarta, jibarte or xibarte.

Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay is the winter sanctuary of these giant marine mammals, in this environment we can enjoy the observation of the most spectacular species of whale, which will captivate you with its impressive jumps, tale hits, mothers with playful calves and the captivating songs of males trying to attract females.

Tour available every day for just $95 per adult.

Multi-Day Packages
Please inquiry our special prices for 3, 4 and 5 days dive packages.

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